“Sugar Crush is an intriguing detective story weaving the food industry, processed foods, marketing, well-meaning but mis-guided, nutritional science into a conspiracy that places sugar at the center scene of many of our most common diseases and disabilities. While the food industry will not like the information contained in Sugar Crush, readers interested in their own health, and the health of their families, will treasure this book and use it as a roadmap to improved health.”

Lee Dellon, MD, PhD, Professor of Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery, John Hopkins University | dellon.com

“Sugar Crush brings laser focus to the powerfully detrimental role of sugar and carbohydrates as direct toxins not just to the peripheral nerves, but to the body in general. This is up to date and incredibly well-researched information that helps rewrite our understanding of disease prevention.”

David Perlmutter, MD, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Grain Brain and Brain Maker

“Dr. Jacoby has the uncanny ability to recognize relationships in seemingly unrelated fields … Now, he ushers us into a new paradigm by connecting the dots for the treatment of neuropathy.”

Dr. Robert G. Parker, DPM, FACFAS, FASPS, PA, Fellow Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (AENS) | HoustonFootAndAnkle.com

Sugar Crush is a great contribution to the lay literature. Another weapon in our fight against obesity and diabetes!”

John P. Cooke, MD, PhD, Presidential Distinguished Chair in Cardiovascular Disease Research, Directory of the Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration and Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences at Houston Methodist Research Institute | HoustonMethodist.org/john-p-cooke-md-phd

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  1. In Sugar Crush, Dr Jacoby presents his research over the last few years in a plain-speaking, compelling presentation of this important information. As a colleague who specializes in the treatment of nerve disorders, I appreciate the simple, easy to understand way he explained the havoc that sugars and carbohydrates have on nerves coming at the topic from a biochemical and nutritional aspect. In Sugar Crush he challenges many of the conventional ideas in health and nutrition. I applaud him for bringing to light a better understanding of how sugars and carbohydrates contribute to the damage we encounter in the surgical arena. Bravo! Well done, my friend!

    James C. Anderson, DPM, FAENS, FACFAS, AAPSM
    Past President – Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons
    Anderson Podiatry Center, Fort Collins, CO

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