Smart Ways to Kill Sugar Cravings

If you’re one of those unlucky people addicted to the sweet stuff, you’re not alone.  

You need to know it’s not a failure, a weakness or a simple lack of will power.  Addiction is a complex physiological and psychological thing, and beating sugar can be as difficult as beating any other addiction. But eliminating sugar from your diet may be the most important “quit” you can do.

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If you have a tough time resisting those cookies on the conference table, you’re not alone. It’s no secret that Americans love sugar. Most guys eat more than double the amount the American Heart Association recommends. While it’s tempting to blame your dessert habit on the simple fact that sweet foods taste delicious, there are far more physiological, mental, and even emotional factors that send us searching for sweetness. Consider the following:

Source: ​4 Smart Ways to Kill Sugar Cravings ​ | Men’s Health

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