How do stem cells work in Back pain and Joint pain?

How do stem cells work in Back pain and Joint pain? Simple Explanation of a complex mechanism.

You probably heard by now that stem cells work in many challenging conditions ranging from cancer to back/joint pains. Media has many stories of athletes and celebrities getting stem cell procedures. Stem cells do hold a lot of promise. In fact, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner had this say about stem cells, “These concepts are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but rather real-life science where cells and tissues can be engineered to grow healthy, functional organs to replace diseased ones”.

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Amniotic Fluid Saves Feet

In this interview with video from KSAT news, Dr. Jacoby discusses the breakthrough procedure using amniotic fluid with extremity issues, preventing the need for amputations in diabetics and assisting in the return of sensation and use of limbs. Amniotic fluid from a pregnant donor is injected into or wrapped around the nerve during decompression surgery. The stem cells in the fluid stimulate the affected area, telling it to heal the wound.

As a doctor, what is it like to have to tell someone they’re going to have to get their foot amputated?

Dr. Jacoby: It’s devastating. It’s devastating to tell people who have diabetes, which is the main reason of amputation in the United States, but they have no pain at the end of this process. So, for them it’s not that bad because they don’t have any pain; they just have an infection. They usually become septic so they’re happy to have that leg amputated. The real question is why do they get to that state in the first place? Why didn’t they have early intervention? What we’ve been working on is trying to find out if there is an earlier detection system for people with diabetic neuropathy and diabetes itself.

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Stem Cells from the ALS Association

Stem cells have emerged as a major tool for research into the causes of ALS, and in the search for new treatments.

What are stem cells? Stem cells are cells that have the ability to divide for indefinite periods in culture and give rise to multiple specialized cell types. They can develop into blood, bone, brain, muscle, skin and other organs.

Stem cell transplantation is also being studied as a treatment, but it is not yet clear what their therapeutic potential is. The field of stem cell research in ALS is progressing rapidly, and The ALS Association is spearheading work on several critical fronts.

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