Coca-Cola Aims to Confuse You About Soda’s Influence on Obesity

The food, chemical, and biotechnology industries have all built up intricate and powerful systems designed to manipulate public and scientific opinion using false front organizations and industry shills posing as independent experts.

The mission is to mislead people — including lazy reporters — about issues that threaten the corporate bottom line.

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Why our food is making us fat – the obesity epidemic

This. Yes.

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Causing America’s Obesity Epedemic?
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and this.  Yes!

Why our food is making us fat

Why are we so fat? We have not become greedier as a race. We are not, contrary to popular wisdom, less active – a 12-year study, which began in 2000 at Plymouth hospital, measured children’s physical activity and found it the same as 50 years ago. But something has changed: and that something is very simple. It’s the food we eat. More specifically, the sheer amount of sugar in that food, sugar we’re often unaware of.

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