PODCast: The Sugar Connection to Neuropathy | Dr. Jacoby | Sugar Crush Book

Dr. Jacoby, author of Sugar Crush, joins Dishing Up Nutrition to discuss neuropathy, “crippling nerve damage throughout the body—in our feet, organs, and brain” and why he suggests eliminating sugar and carbs “can mitigate and even reverse the damage.”

Source: The Sugar Connection to Neuropathy | Dr. Jacoby | Sugar Crush Book

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Eye opening
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
June 1, 2015 By L. Rice
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Full of information that is life changing. Encouraging to know that it’s not to late to make changes. I’m a 56 year old female who has determined to get healthy and stop the sugar addiction cycle that leaves me fatigued, over weight and mentally exhausted. Life is to short to live like that anymore. Today…….is the day for change. I’m going to go make some bacon and eggs!

Atta girl!

Details information about nerve damages. Every Diabetes person should read this book to educate oneself and take action.
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
May 13, 2015 By Shaikh Mohd Ali

Eye opener, gives us good understanding neuropathy. Very detailed information about Numbness, slow digestion…
I didn’t take Diabetes seriously.. This book has very information about problems diabetes patients is going through and how to over come it.  I like it also author goes through emotion feeling of Diabetes person.. feeling of hopelessness. Off course author gives solution how to overcome it. Book is not bulky, its precise to the point around 207 pages.. There is always hope and it’s never too late..

This is very gratifying to hear!

Wish I’d read this years ago!!
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
May 14, 2015 By Eric S. Renouard

My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy and came within a week of losing his foot to amputation. It really scared him and prompted me to start wondering how he could have gotten to that point.

I’ve read a lot of “sugar is bad for your (fill in the blank)” books and have cut a lot of it out of my diet already. However I would have never guessed the connection between sugar and its negative effect on the nervous system.

Dr. Jacoby and Ms. Baldelomar do a great job of laying out the proof. The first half of the book details the research, studies and findings that support Dr. Jacoby’s hypothesis. The next section explains the circumstances and politics that have allowed Americans to buy into the sugar fairy tale. It is a scary story of mistakes exacerbated by greed and held in place by politics.

Reading the first part of the book was like seeing my brother-in-law’s saga unfold in front of me, with a detailed explanation of what exactly was going wrong and why. I wish I’d had this book 10 years ago to read and had given him a copy. Even now, he has already seen significant improvements by moving to a non-sugar diet.

Oh, and don’t miss the section on hot buttered coffee… it is now my “go to” favorite morning beverage! What a great and heathy way to start the day.

I definitely believe this book should change your life, if you are still addicted to sugar… it was a great read – well written, informative, interesting and compelling… and at the end of the day, it might just save your life!!

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