The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture

Dr. Thierry Vrain retired 10 years ago after a long career as a soil biologist and ended head of a department of molecular biology running his own research program to engineer nematode resistance genes in crops. In his retirement career as a gardener he learned five or six years ago how the soil ecosystem really functions and have been preaching ever since. He find himself with a good knowledge of genetic engineering technologies surrounded by people in fear of being hurt by the food they eat. He found that he cannot ignore them anymore and has joined the campaign to educate consumers about the potential health problems reported in the recent scientific literature.

Monsanto Emails Raise Issue of Influencing Research on Roundup Weed Killer

More on the glyphosate issue which we posted about previously.  From the NYTimes:

Documents released Tuesday in a lawsuit against Monsanto raised new questions about the company’s efforts to influence the news media and scientific research and revealed internal debate over the safety of its highest-profile product, the weed killer Roundup.

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Paleo French Cuisine – Intimate Interview with Exec. Chef Alain Braux

Check out this interview on with Alain Braux about embracing the paleo diet and his book Paleo French Cuisine, GMO issues and food as a healing medium.

Don’t miss the bonus recipes at the end of the article.

Read the article: Paleo French Cuisine – Intimate Interview with Exec. Chef Alain Braux | Paleomazing

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