Gary Taubes : Calories vs Carbohydrates

Gary Taubes Calories vs Carbohydrates: Clearing up Confusion over Competing Obesity Paradigms

The science of obesity has been dogged for a century by a controversial question: is the condition an energy balance problem or a hormonal one? Do we accumulate excess fat merely because we consume more calories than we expend — we eat too much and exercise too little — or do we accumulate excess fat because the homeostatic mechanisms regulating fat metabolism and storage are out of whack. If the latter is the case, then positive energy balance (overeating) is an effect of getting fat, not a cause, and the prime environmental suspect for the cause of excess adiposity is the carbohydrate content of the diet and its effect on insulin signaling. This video by author Gary Taubes covers how we might tell these two scenarios apart and potential experiments to resolve this century-old conflict.

Gary Taubes: How Bad Science Made The World Obese

This video with author Gary Taubes examines nutrition, and how it came to be that everything the average person knows about nutrition is fundamentally wrong. We learn how this misinformation has persisted, why it has been so detrimental, and how things are starting to change all over the world. We talk about paleo nutrition, common dietary misconceptions, and a criticism of crappy science.

Sugar on Trial

Gary Taubes’ book The Case Against Sugar is generating a lot of stir.  If you’ve read Sugar Crush you know which side of the issue we’re on.  There is NO doubt that sugar is the cause of more issues than we can name and as the research continues, no doubt that more will come to light.

Gary addresses the issue of sugar addiction in particular.  Check out this edited extract from The Case Against Sugar in The Long Read to give you a start on the subject.

The question of addiction, and “how much is too much” becomes critical when you look at the ever-growing list of harmful effects sugar has on the body.   Now that we’ve identified the problem – sugar – we need to figure out how to fix it.  It’s probably not possible to have just a little sugar.  The solution is going to be to completely eliminate sugar from your world, and re-educate your palate to a less sweetened diet.

More on The Case Against Sugar:

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