Government Involvement in Food Industry

The soda tax has been triggering a lot of discussion on whether or not government should be involved in policing nutrition. Does it make sense to trust a system that basically got us into this mess?

This, from an article by Glenn Reynolds on USAToday, starting with the question – Should food stamp programs allow people to buy sugary drinks and snacks with taxpayer money? and ending with the question of government involvement in nutrition:

. . .anything the government does is inevitably political, and government dietary guidelines are thus bound to be driven as much by politics as by sound science or concern for public health.

So while fiddling with the food stamp program is okay, the real problem is that government can’t be trusted to do a good job with health recommendations. Perhaps we should simply take government out of that field altogether. Odds are if we’d done that 50 years ago, a lot of us would be slimmer, and healthier today.

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Another Step Forward for M.S.

If you or a loved one suffers from M.S. you’ll want to follow the information in the links below. We’ll be adding these to our diseases / ailments resource page as well, under the section on Multiple Sclerosis.

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