High-fructose corn syrup and your health: Research roundup

High fructose corn syrup has been on the high alert list for a while now, but there is still a need for good resources that explain what HFCS is, what foods contain it and why we should be on alert for it (and avoid it!)

This article covers the what and where, and offers a great list of resources for more information. Definitely bookmark and keep handy!

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Should You Not Blame High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Obesity Epidemic Not Due to High Fructose Corn Syrup? Is this another case of industry-funded propaganda?

This excellent article on the Mercola.com website covers this attempt by the corn industry steering studies to prove that high fructose corn syrup is not the bad guy. First, the facts on fructose, and how high fructose corn syrup is “prompting metabolic dysfunction that is making people gain weight”. And second, the question of who is behind the study, who is funding the research, and what is their agenda.

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