Sugar Crush Review on The Nutrition Equation

There are several aspects of this book I found unique.  First was the extensive discussions of the causes and effects of neuropathy–deterioration and death of nerves.  The claim is that the inflammatory effects of high levels in sugars in the body cause inflammation of both the nerves and the tissues that the nerves run through.  This results in both pressure on the nerves and some direct damage due to inflammation of the nerves.   That causes decreased function, leading eventually to the loss of those fine and large nerve networks in parts of the body, most notably Dr. Jacoby’s speciality, the feet.  The biggest gap is this otherwise excellent discussion is that the authors make no mention of the work of Dr. Richard Johnson at the University of Colorado, Denver.  The work of Dr. Johnson’s lab on the metabolism of the sugar fructose to uric acid would fill several gaps in the explanations in Sugar Crush.  Elevated uric acid is a very potent systemic inflammatory agent.  As in Fat Switch, Sugar Crush strongly makes the point that over time, some of the inflammatory damage is permanent.

Source: Sugar Crush – The Nutrition Equation

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