USA Today: Relationship between sugar and cancer is now clearer, scientists say

Belgian scientists say they’ve made a research breakthrough in the relationship between sugar and cancer. Researchers found yeast with high levels ...
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Fructose Powers a Vicious Cycle

Researchers have found a hitherto unknown molecular mechanism that is driven by fructose and can lead to cardiac enlargement and ...
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Gangrene Still Happens

Warning, graphic image Yes this is gangrene on the foot of a homeless man. Is this really still happening in ...
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Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar? | The New Yorker

Unless you're a scientist, often the scientific research is so full of jargon that it's hard to understand, let alone ...
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This is the story of one parent's quest for the cause of over-the-top anger and aggression. ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, may ...
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The Crazy Amount Of Sugar Hiding In Random Foods

How much sugar is really in your food? Sure there's a lot of sugar in Coke, but baked beans?? Also, ...
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The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture

Dr. Thierry Vrain retired 10 years ago after a long career as a soil biologist and ended head of a ...
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The harmful effects of Glyphosate residue in food items

According to a paper published in Interdisciplinary Toxicology in 2013, Celiac disease, and, more generally, gluten intolerance, is a growing ...
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Glyphosate General Fact Sheet

This informational list was compiled/checked by the National Pesticide Information Center. It contains general information about glyphosate and some warnings ...
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From Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was on Monsanto’s payroll at $400 per hour Recently released court ...
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  1. Just read Sugar Crush and it inspired me to do a detox diet eliminating all sugar, carbs, coffee, and booze. In less than ten days my inflammation in my feet and ankles, which I had for almost two years, totally disappeared. My chronic lower back pain which has plagued me for the past year is 90% gone. My shortness of breath has improved 30%. My blood pressure has dropped and is now in the 120/70 range. I am 72 years old. Basically taking sugar out of my diet is doing miracles and all without medication. My question is why doesn´t the world understand this? Why do not governments take drastic measure to inform the public about the perils of sugar? Is it because of the big money interests like big agra, the sugar industry, sweet drink companies, fast food industry, etc.??

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