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Why Sugar is Slowly Killing You and How to Stop It – Interview with Dr. Jacoby on Answers for the Family
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The Higherside Chats Podcast w/ Dr. Richard Jacoby
Dr. Jacoby joins THC and Greg Carlwood to talk about how toxic sugar is, its effects on the nervous system
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Dr. Richard Jacoby joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Angriest Trainer podcast. Dr. Jacoby and Vinnie discuss sugar damage to one’s nerves, and how sugar may lead to the demise of the human race
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Podcast / interview on “Dishing Up Nutrition”, August 8, 2015
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Dishing Up Nutrition

Podcast / interview with on Dr. Sherrill Sellman on “What Women Must Know”
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What Women Must Know Blog / Podbean

Videos by Dr. Richard Jacoby

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Interview with Dr. Jacoby on Podiatric Success, Lunchtime with the Masters

Feature seen on Fox10 News (article here)

Recorded on 3/7/16, Dr. Jacoby discusses Sugar Crush on SOURCE, News Talk

Dr. Robert G. Parker hosts a “fireside chat” with Dr. Brian McDowell, Dr. Richard Jacoby, and Dr. Jim Anderson to discuss the problems with too much sugar consumption (including Dr. Jacoby’s new book, “Sugar Crush”) and new concepts and treatments in neuropathy.

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Dr. Jacoby Discusses Sugar Causing Peripheral Neuropathy – Sugar Crush!

Excess sugar leads to peripheral neuropathy. This may be in the form of table sugar, high fructose corn syrup or other types. But the end result is the same – neuropathy! Dr. Richard Jacoby with Scottsdale Neuropathy Institute and author of “Sugar Crush” (from Harper Collins), explains the phenomenon.


Dr. Richard Jacoby discusses Diabetic Neuropathy

Richard Jacoby, DPM is a specialist in the field of diabetic neuropathy. He offers advanced treatment options including “The Dellon” procedure, which is a surgical procedure that is design to decompress nerves effected by neuropathy.

Dr. Richard Jacoby discusses Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Jacoby explains neuropathy, which often results from diabetes (called diabetic neuropathy).

Nerve Decompression Surgery

Dr. Jacoby performs Nerve Decompression Surgery. 9:36 minute video.

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