Diet Suggestions to Feel Better!

Start your day with hot buttered coffee!  Seriously.

“Hot buttered coffee is sometimes called bulletproof coffee.  …  Just put a tablespoon-sized glob of unsalted organic butter in the bottom of your mug.  Don’t use any other kind of butter, because you want the extra omega-3 fatty acids in the organic.  Add hot coffee; let it sit for about fifteen seconds to melt the butter; then stir it up and enjoy.  — Sugar Crush, p.174”

Hot buttered coffee gives you steady energy that lasts for hours, as opposed to high/low energy levels from sugar and carbohydrate-heavy breakfasts, and has the added bonus of suppressing your appetite.

A Ketogenic Diet is recommended in Sugar Crush.  Making high-fat, low carbohydrate food choices can be daunting. Sugar Crush outlines this helpful rule for making the right choices.

button-g-smGreen – GO FOR IT.
Any fat product from animals that eat grass is good, along with meats and eggs from organically raised, grass fed animals. These foods are naturally higher in healthy, anti-inflammatory omega – 3 fatty acids. Eat as many of these foods as you like. Because they will keep you satiated, you’ll soon find that you don’t want to eat the larger quantities you once did.


Yellow – CAUTION. Yellow represents any fat from a grain-fed animal. These cautionary foods are not going to be as healthy for you as their grass-fed, organic counterparts because they contain a disproportionate amount of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids.



Red – STOP. DO NOT EAT. Red represents trans-fatty acids: artificially produced hydrogenated oils. Don’t eat these fats in any form. Ever. Your body does not have the enzymes to process and eliminate them. Again – READ LABELS.

Check out
Chewfo has shared Sugar Crush’s diet plans and food lists in an excellent article covering the basic guidelines and recommendations.

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