Losing Weight: The Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar

Learn how to control your weight with this simple explanation of the glycemic index. Certified Holistic Health Coach Corrina Rachel helps you understand obesity causing foods and why natural foods are so healthy!! Junk food, fast food and things like high fructose corn syrup spike our blood glucose and it’s not just candy that does it!!

This video expands on the topic and shows specific foods to help you understand Blood Sugar and GI

Too much sweetness: ‘All sugars aren’t the same’ – The Globe and Mail

The new film, Fed Up opening in theaters next week, is an exposé of the deadly consequences of excessive sugar consumption.  This film, from the producer of An Inconvenient Truth, accuses governments and the food industry of failing to combat the problem.  We concur.  And applaud all the efforts to make the public aware of the damage sugar does.  The consequences of sugar consumption is the basis of Sugar Crush.

For decades, many believed the only damage sugar caused was tooth decay and weight gain. But in recent years, the case against it has been building with fantastic speed, and now a growing chorus of physicians and scientists believe the dangers are comparable to those of smoking.

Read the article: Too much sweetness: ‘All sugars aren’t the same’ – The Globe and Mail

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