The Sugar-Addiction Taboo

Excellent article looks at the addiction factor of sugar, and aims a spotlight at the food and beverage industry asking the question “has the food industry created a “need” for sugar?”

The American Heart Association recommends a reduction in consumption from our current 22 teaspoons per day to six for women and nine for men; a reduction by two-thirds to three-quarters. Our current consumption is over our limit and our “processed” food supply is designed to keep it that way. Food should confer wellness, not illness. The industry feeds our sugar habit to the detriment of our society. We need food purveyors, not food pushers.

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Are We Finally Going to Label Sugary Foods Properly?

Big Soda in a froth over proposed new sugar-labeling rules

Well, upcoming proposed changes by the FDA may be an improvement, anyway.  And the proposal has the food and beverage industry a little bit upset.  There’s debate about how the new labels should identify the sugar quantity — teaspoons?  percentage of daily recommendation?  grams?  How about we throw all the nitpicking out and just add a poison symbol?

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