Sugar Addiction

Found this on the BBC News site:
Daily Added Sugar Intake

Government advisers recommend that no more than 5% of daily calories should come from sugar.
That’s about 25g (around six or seven teaspoons) for an adult of normal weight every day. For children it is slightly less.
The limits apply to all sugars added to food, as well as sugar naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit concentrates.
To put this in context, a typical can of fizzy drink contains about nine teaspoons of sugar.

What’s scary about these numbers is that it’s not just cakes and cookies that are the problem.  Our food industry with its hidden sugars in almost everything has created generations of addicts.  And as we all know, breaking addiction is never easy. It won’t be a simple matter of saying, I quit! But taking the first steps will get you started on the road to better health. And for those older adults living with diabetic neuropathy and so many other diseases, we can hope younger generations won’t have to suffer the same problems.  Find the hidden sugars!

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The Sugar-Addiction Taboo

Excellent article looks at the addiction factor of sugar, and aims a spotlight at the food and beverage industry asking the question “has the food industry created a “need” for sugar?”

The American Heart Association recommends a reduction in consumption from our current 22 teaspoons per day to six for women and nine for men; a reduction by two-thirds to three-quarters. Our current consumption is over our limit and our “processed” food supply is designed to keep it that way. Food should confer wellness, not illness. The industry feeds our sugar habit to the detriment of our society. We need food purveyors, not food pushers.

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