Are We Finally Going to Label Sugary Foods Properly?

Big Soda in a froth over proposed new sugar-labeling rules

Well, upcoming proposed changes by the FDA may be an improvement, anyway.  And the proposal has the food and beverage industry a little bit upset.  There’s debate about how the new labels should identify the sugar quantity — teaspoons?  percentage of daily recommendation?  grams?  How about we throw all the nitpicking out and just add a poison symbol?

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Change the Tune – Singing the Truth About Sugary Soda

Worth a listen, worth a share!

For decades, Coca Cola and other big soda companies have spent billions of dollars trying to convince Americans and citizens around the world that soda equals happiness. Perhaps no other advertisement in history exemplifies that more than the iconic “Hilltop” ad, where singers on a hillside expressed their wish to “buy the world a Coke.”

Well, we thought it would be interesting to see a fresh take on the Hilltop ad—where real people, suffering from real soda-related health problems—could tell their stories. It’s time to change the tune.

From Center for Science in the Public Interests YouTube Channel.  Bookmark this great resource!

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