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Outstanding, with new information, with a few caveats
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April 19, 2015 By Mad Dog
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If you are still eating some sugar in your diet after reading books like Robert Lustig’s Fat Chance, this book will make you give it up for good. With terrifying detail, Richard Jacoby discusses the mechanics of how too much dietary sugar eventually leads to the crippling nerve damage, infection, gangrene and amputation that are the hallmarks of advanced metabolic disease. In fact, you could have serious damage long before the diabetes diagnosis. It is full of nuggets of new information, such as how such diseases as ALS, gallbladder disease, or even Bell’s palsy may related to this sort of damage caused by sugar.

That said, I have some reservations, none of which are enough to justify knocking off a star. I think he is too cool with dairy products and red meat, despite some evidence that they increase risk of cancer and heart disease. He misses the problems with too much protein, which is that it can increase cancer risk and also convert to glucose. In general, the longest lived and healthiest societies on earth, such as the Japanese and the Europeans that live around the Mediterranean, do eat some carbs in the form of grain products, rice for the former and pasta for the latter. He does not show that rigorously giving all that up completely leads to greater longevity. He also unfairly bashes stevia and claims that you should do without a sweet taste in your mouth altogether. I think this is harsh and unnecessary. No one ever gets diabetes from putting stevia in their coffee. To be fair, he allows a more flexible form of his recommended diet which is based on glycemic index and glycemic load. Finally, he should have recommended coconut oil rather than butter for the bulletproof coffee. I do this and it’s awesome. Coconut oil has many benefits over butter even though the latter is okay.

But my overall view is that this book is excellent and valuable. I personally have cut way, way back on my sugar and starchy carb intake, and the health benefits are immediate and obvious – greater mental sharpness, more even energy, gradual weight loss, to name just a few.

Highly recommended.

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