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New resource for finding out about sugar and its effects.

Getting informed about sugar, especially the hidden sugars in processed foods, is the only way to tame this health-dragon. has listed more than 61 different names for hidden sugar (see the list HERE) in our foods.  Print this list.  Take it with you to the grocery store.  Read labels.  Get informed!  


Why are people buying multiple copies of Sugar Crush?

Sugar_Crush_bookcoverA woman came in the other day and bought 13 copies of Sugar Crush.  Thirteen!  I have to admit to being surprised.  Tickled, but surprised.  I had to ask … why are you buying so many copies?

She replied that almost every member of her family had either diabetes or pre-diabetes, and she wanted them all to have copies so they could read the truth for themselves.  Sharing Sugar Crush with her loved ones was her way of helping them understand their health issues and hopefully helping them to feel better and live longer.

I asked my publisher if that was unusual, and they said a lot of people are buying multiple copies. Thirteen books is unusual, but people are regularly buying 2-3 copies at a time!

We all want better health and longer life for our loved ones, and I have high hopes that sharing this information will help.  The fact is, the medical profession in general persists in giving out wrong information, wrong treatments, and wrong medications.  And the sooner we take our health into our own hands with better information and better treatment, the sooner we’ll become a healthier global family.

Coca-Cola Aims to Confuse You About Soda’s Influence on Obesity

The food, chemical, and biotechnology industries have all built up intricate and powerful systems designed to manipulate public and scientific opinion using false front organizations and industry shills posing as independent experts.

The mission is to mislead people — including lazy reporters — about issues that threaten the corporate bottom line.

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