Coca-Cola Aims to Confuse You About Soda’s Influence on Obesity

The food, chemical, and biotechnology industries have all built up intricate and powerful systems designed to manipulate public and scientific opinion using false front organizations and industry shills posing as independent experts.

The mission is to mislead people — including lazy reporters — about issues that threaten the corporate bottom line.

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Go Ahead, Have Your Morning Coffee, It’s Good For You!

The studies are helping to stack up the evidence, coffee is good for you!  We recommend coffee with a dollop of organic butter, without sugar.  Satisfying and beneficial in oh so many ways!

The following list from the website shows just some of the research that supports coffee’s health benefits:

Type 2 Diabetes A Japanese study in 2010 revealed that coffee consumption exerted a protective effect against type 2 diabetes; further confirmed by 2012 German study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers have also found that coffee doubles glucose intake, which will greatly reduce blood glucose levels.
Parkinson’s Disease Coffee may significantly cut your risk of Parkinson’s disease. In fact, coffee is so preventative against Parkinson’s that drug companies are designing experimental drugs that mimic coffee’s benefits to your brain
Alzheimer’s Disease A 2011 study revealed that a yet unidentified mystery ingredient in coffee interacts with the caffeine to help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease
Prostate Cancer A large 2011 study of nearly 50,000 men found men who drank six cups of coffee per day had 60 percent lower risk of lethal prostate cancer, and those who drank three cups per day had a 30 percent lower risk
Liver Cancer A Japanese study found those who drank coffee daily, or close to it, had about half the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a type of liver cancer, than people who never drank coffee; coffee is also associated with less severe liver fibrosis, lower levels of fat in your liver, and lower rates of hepatitis-C disease progression
Kidney Cancer Coffee consumption may be associated with decreased risk of kidney cancer
Colorectal Cancer A 2007 study suggested coffee consumption may lower colon cancer risk among women
Heart Rhythm Problems A study showed moderate coffee drinking reduces your chances of being hospitalized for heart rhythm problems
Pulmonary Function A 2010 study revealed a beneficial effect of coffee on the pulmonary function of nonsmokers
Stroke A 2011 study found that women who drank more than one cup of coffee per day had about a 25 percent lower risk of stroke than women who drank less; a 2009 study found women who drank four or more cups of coffee per day reduced their stroke risk by 20 percent
Gastrointestinal Flora A study in 2009 showed coffee produced an increase in the metabolic activity and/or numbers of Bifidobacterium, which are beneficial bacteria in your gut

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Lies and Deception: How the FDA Does Not Protect Your Best Interests.

Many retired FDA officials go to work as special advisors to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Strange bedfellows indeed.  And WE are the losers in this game.

Federal agencies like the FDA—which were created to protect consumers—often behave like branch offices of companies like Monsanto, which they are supposed to regulate. And when the names and dossiers of the individuals who work with allies in Congress and the White House to oppose food safety measures are revealed, the picture becomes even more sinister.

The fact is, it has been widely reported that FDA (Federal Drug Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) officials are frequently rewarded with lucrative jobs at the companies they were regulating.

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